Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So busy!!!

Oh gosh...We have been so busy lately! I barely have time to sit and think about what we are up to next! Will just do a very quick update then Im off to bed! Getting really late! Will try to get back here tomorrow to post photos!
K, so, on 1 March we had Isla's Baptism. What a beautiful day it was and what a fantastic wee girl we got! She was so well behaved! And GORGEOUS!! Not that Im at all biased!!
On 2 March, Cam did his first kids triathlon....go little man!! He was so utterly cute!!! So determined to try to catch up with all the big kids!! He had to go in the 4 year old age group as it was the youngest and there is a huge difference in size between an almost three and almost 5 year old!! And Cam is such a little weenie anyway!! He spent half his time looking round to see if anyone was behind him! FUNNY!!!
Then on 9 March, CAM STARTED AFTERNOON KINDY!!! Yep.....hes a big boy now!!
Oh no....I have to go...Cam and Isla arent well and Cam is crying in bed. Just chest coughs but unhappy in himself.
Will be back soon.
Take care.

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  1. Hey babe, sorry about the sickies...we are down with it here now too!
    Now how did I miss you at the tri's? Tobyn has done every week and Isaac ran in the 4 year vold group too!!! Such a great atmosphere for them.
    And wow Cam a big boy, LOL, too cute.
    Did you know I have 2, yes 2 blogs? My pagegirl blog is a little on the slow side, visit me at as well, a lot more on there!!!