Monday, January 26, 2009


Isla is sleeping and I have kicked the boys outside and locked the door...LOL...I wish! They would just knock until I lose the plot! Anyway....will try again with the we go... "Twinkle" was loosly based on a sketch I found the other day( where was it? It is either from Josie, SW or SBO....sorry cant remember. I really should have noted where from and who the LO was by so I could give credit where it is due) It is Isla's ultrasound scan photo.

"Me & Dad" was based on a Josie Dean LO (hope you dont mind Josie....I like your style and I can get pages done quickly so I have "lifted" you ALOT!!)

"In good hands" is SW SBS challenge number 21 from about May 2008. "Pretty Girl" is based on the same Josie Dean LO as "Me and Dad" . I started it at Shirleys crop on Friday night but just finished it yesterday. I had a butterfly picture that I decided to make into a cardboard template so I could use it over again......well, that took me about 2 hours on Friday night cos the cardboard wastoo thick and I couldnt get my little craft knife through it! What a drama!! But doesnt it look great now that it is done!! "Chicken Pox" is very loosely based on a SBO LO I saw (sorry, dont know who did the original). Poor wee Cammi, he really got the pox bad!! He had them EVERYWHERE!! And they were particularly bad where is nappy sits!"Little Sister" was the last LO I did for the night (at about 10.30 and Im not entirely happy with it....but it is done and another page in the album!! It is a sketch challenge from, I think, SBO. So there you have contribution to the kids albums so far this year and as I say.......9 down....only 21 to go!!!!

What a machine!

Wow!! I had a scrapping day yesterday and I completed 7 (count them......SEVEN!!!!!!) LOs!!!! Oh and a card!! The card was originally based on Josie Deans (from SW) UYS challenge but took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up with this.......
Sorry, its not a great photo (actually its not a great card but it is ok).
And here is my LO marathon....Might have to put the photos on two posts...will see how I go...Hmmmm its actually taking AGES to upload the piccies....might even have to post them later when I have more time....just trying to get Isla off to sleep and Lachie just jammed Cams fingers in the bathroom door!!! When does school start again??? Cant wait!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if kindy would take Lachie this week?? Just till he starts school....hes bored!! I will come back when things have calmed down a bit to post photos....see you soon

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Its 8am....

And all my family are still asleep!!! I cant believe it!! Ray worked last night so he willbe sleeping all day to work again tonight, and with it being the school holidays I let the boys stay up a bit later than normal, Isla has been up for her morning feed, gone back to bed and I am in heaven!!! Enjoying the quiet that will soon be destroyed!

On Sunday we went to Foxton Beach to my MILs to visit Rays brother and his family. They have a new little daughter, Michaela, who is 5 1/2 months old and it was really lovely to meet her. Got some cute photos of the girls together and a cute one of Michaela and her daddy.Awwww how gorgeous are these girls!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eureka!!!Ive got it!!

 I seem to have got the handle of the photo posting...Yay computer illiterate me!!

During the school hols, I have been almost tearing my hair out trying to think of things to do with the boys to keep them occupied and not pushing my buttons!! On Tuesday I decided to take them to Te Manawa (our local museum) to see the exhibits there. Turned out it was a motorcycle exhibit....hmmmm, not to my taste but the boys loved it and had their photo taken with *the worlds fastest indian". It was of course a replica, the one used in the movie of the same name. I actually quite enjoyed it, didnt think I would!! Darrell, Lisa and Joshua came too so that was fun. After the motorbikes, we went into the "hall of mirrors" and the kids zone. We had a great day and had LOADS of laughs with the mirrors, as you can well imagine. I just LOVE this photo of Lisa...I think it is soooooo cool! Tried the same with all the other kids but Lis seemed to have her face at a better angle than any of the boys could get to get such an effective photo!

Then on Thursday, Isla had her 12 week jabs. Oh man!!! She is such a treasure!!! Sandra (my scrapping buddy) pricked her with the needle and Isla didnt even bat an eyelid!! The second prick she let out a little wee whimper and THAT was it!!! I couldnt believe it!! Both the boys absolutely SCREAMED blue murder!! Not this trouper! What a big brave girl!! Here are some photos of her having the injection and then, literally, seconds afterwards with NO TEARS!!! Smiles even!!

And a random.....nice photography Daddy!!

That night, Daddy and Lachie went "camping" in the backyard. They had great fun, toasting marshmellows, giggling like little girls :-D funny times.

Gosh has it been *that* long??

I cant believe it! It seemed like the novelty of the blog wore off real quick but really, in all honesty, I was just a little bit miffed with the whole photo thing! With only having dial-up it was taking SOOOOOO looooooooong to resize the photos I wanted to put on here that I conceded defeat! So now I take special photos on Rays small camera and Im a bit happier.

So, Im doing ok in my UYS challenge to myself... I have done 2 LOs and made a card and didnt buy ANYTHING to do them!! Not flash LOs but done nonetheless. The first LO is of Lachies kindy xmas party. Santa had just been to visit and the boys are opening their gifts. Lachie got a ship-shaped paint set and Cam got a red ball. The second LO is the first in Islas album...Im sure I have already done a LO with her on it but do you think I can find it?? Must do that!!
Then there is a card I made for little Miss Danika for her first birthday. Not bad for a slap-up job about an hour before the party started! Wasnt going to make a card but then remembered my stash clallenge and saved a heap of money making it!! And it doesnt look too bad, if I do say so myself! LOL

Monday, January 5, 2009

OK, so I am just going to have a little play at posting photos onto my new blog. Today was Lachies 5th birthday. It was his special birthday cos he turned 5 on the 5th and off to school to boot. He woke up to a new bike sitting in the lounge waiting for him. Couldnt keep the smile off his precious wee face! He went for a big bike ride this morning with Daddy (well, Daddy was walking) and loved it but for some reason the front tyre keeps going flat so Ray will have to take it back to the bike shop and sort it out! You dont pay $245 for a decent bike only for it to crap out in less than 24 hours!!! I think poor Cam was feeling a little deprived as he kept trying to get on the big bike....oh dear...well, he inherits Lachies smaller bike now so that should keep him happy for a while! Auntie Nicky and Uncle Niels came round to visit in the arvo bringing with them Christmas present for Lachie as well as bday pressie!!! It was a STACK of Lego which Lachie just loves!!! And Cam is enjoying the little pieces too, just by the way!!! Then this evening we went out for dinner. We went to Cobb & Co and it was really nice. Cam made a wee girlfriend named Eden (love that name!) and Nanni and Poppi gave Lachie a soccer set with net/goal, cones to dribble round and little goalies! It is tres cool!!! I made a very quickly thrown together cake with a couple of lollies on it. Lachie chose the icing colour.....hmmmmmm.....niiiiiiiiiice!!!
Right better get going, its 11.30pm and I getting a little tired! Must try to get photos on here....wish me luck! Think photos might have been too big...will try again tomorrow.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

One word

OK, so in the tradition of Ali Edwards one word for the year, would it be cheating if I have more than one word?? I need one for my personal/home life (DECLUTTER) and one for my scrapbooking life (NO NEW, MAKE DO) !! I should take before and after photos of my house to show the process but I am completely embarrassed about the "before" state of my place! Im hoping that wont take all year to achieve but it really will be a huge job!!!
As for scrapping....I have to complete AT LEAST 30 pages before I am allowed to purchase any new supplies! That is going to be a challenge cos I DO like to scrap shop!! But, honestly, I have enough supplies to last probably 100 pages and STILL not run out!! So that is me. I must go scrap but before I do I just need to pop to the shop to get that great paper I saw for my mini album............LOL, just starts NOW!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ive done it!!!

OMG!!! I cant believe it!! What am I thinking??? I have finally succumbed to the temptation to start a blog!! I dont know how regularly I will add to it, or even WHAT I will put in here but I have started!! Yay me??