Monday, January 5, 2009

OK, so I am just going to have a little play at posting photos onto my new blog. Today was Lachies 5th birthday. It was his special birthday cos he turned 5 on the 5th and off to school to boot. He woke up to a new bike sitting in the lounge waiting for him. Couldnt keep the smile off his precious wee face! He went for a big bike ride this morning with Daddy (well, Daddy was walking) and loved it but for some reason the front tyre keeps going flat so Ray will have to take it back to the bike shop and sort it out! You dont pay $245 for a decent bike only for it to crap out in less than 24 hours!!! I think poor Cam was feeling a little deprived as he kept trying to get on the big bike....oh dear...well, he inherits Lachies smaller bike now so that should keep him happy for a while! Auntie Nicky and Uncle Niels came round to visit in the arvo bringing with them Christmas present for Lachie as well as bday pressie!!! It was a STACK of Lego which Lachie just loves!!! And Cam is enjoying the little pieces too, just by the way!!! Then this evening we went out for dinner. We went to Cobb & Co and it was really nice. Cam made a wee girlfriend named Eden (love that name!) and Nanni and Poppi gave Lachie a soccer set with net/goal, cones to dribble round and little goalies! It is tres cool!!! I made a very quickly thrown together cake with a couple of lollies on it. Lachie chose the icing colour.....hmmmmmm.....niiiiiiiiiice!!!
Right better get going, its 11.30pm and I getting a little tired! Must try to get photos on here....wish me luck! Think photos might have been too big...will try again tomorrow.


  1. I never have any trouble with Photo size!
    I do have a good program I downloaded for free off here and you keep your photo's in it and with a click of a mouse it pops your photo's into your blog!

    worth a look!!

  2. sounds like he had a great day!!! I was going to suggest Picassa should take your photos anyway would just take longer to load bigger ones...