Monday, January 26, 2009


Isla is sleeping and I have kicked the boys outside and locked the door...LOL...I wish! They would just knock until I lose the plot! Anyway....will try again with the we go... "Twinkle" was loosly based on a sketch I found the other day( where was it? It is either from Josie, SW or SBO....sorry cant remember. I really should have noted where from and who the LO was by so I could give credit where it is due) It is Isla's ultrasound scan photo.

"Me & Dad" was based on a Josie Dean LO (hope you dont mind Josie....I like your style and I can get pages done quickly so I have "lifted" you ALOT!!)

"In good hands" is SW SBS challenge number 21 from about May 2008. "Pretty Girl" is based on the same Josie Dean LO as "Me and Dad" . I started it at Shirleys crop on Friday night but just finished it yesterday. I had a butterfly picture that I decided to make into a cardboard template so I could use it over again......well, that took me about 2 hours on Friday night cos the cardboard wastoo thick and I couldnt get my little craft knife through it! What a drama!! But doesnt it look great now that it is done!! "Chicken Pox" is very loosely based on a SBO LO I saw (sorry, dont know who did the original). Poor wee Cammi, he really got the pox bad!! He had them EVERYWHERE!! And they were particularly bad where is nappy sits!"Little Sister" was the last LO I did for the night (at about 10.30 and Im not entirely happy with it....but it is done and another page in the album!! It is a sketch challenge from, I think, SBO. So there you have contribution to the kids albums so far this year and as I say.......9 down....only 21 to go!!!!

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  1. Your such a dag! Thanks for scraplifting me! You know I do the same with everyone else! And I only do pages that look easy! :) Your blog is taking off! well done! Glad you are getting back into scrapbooking again! :)