Monday, January 26, 2009

What a machine!

Wow!! I had a scrapping day yesterday and I completed 7 (count them......SEVEN!!!!!!) LOs!!!! Oh and a card!! The card was originally based on Josie Deans (from SW) UYS challenge but took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up with this.......
Sorry, its not a great photo (actually its not a great card but it is ok).
And here is my LO marathon....Might have to put the photos on two posts...will see how I go...Hmmmm its actually taking AGES to upload the piccies....might even have to post them later when I have more time....just trying to get Isla off to sleep and Lachie just jammed Cams fingers in the bathroom door!!! When does school start again??? Cant wait!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if kindy would take Lachie this week?? Just till he starts school....hes bored!! I will come back when things have calmed down a bit to post photos....see you soon

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