Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eureka!!!Ive got it!!

 I seem to have got the handle of the photo posting...Yay computer illiterate me!!

During the school hols, I have been almost tearing my hair out trying to think of things to do with the boys to keep them occupied and not pushing my buttons!! On Tuesday I decided to take them to Te Manawa (our local museum) to see the exhibits there. Turned out it was a motorcycle exhibit....hmmmm, not to my taste but the boys loved it and had their photo taken with *the worlds fastest indian". It was of course a replica, the one used in the movie of the same name. I actually quite enjoyed it, didnt think I would!! Darrell, Lisa and Joshua came too so that was fun. After the motorbikes, we went into the "hall of mirrors" and the kids zone. We had a great day and had LOADS of laughs with the mirrors, as you can well imagine. I just LOVE this photo of Lisa...I think it is soooooo cool! Tried the same with all the other kids but Lis seemed to have her face at a better angle than any of the boys could get to get such an effective photo!

Then on Thursday, Isla had her 12 week jabs. Oh man!!! She is such a treasure!!! Sandra (my scrapping buddy) pricked her with the needle and Isla didnt even bat an eyelid!! The second prick she let out a little wee whimper and THAT was it!!! I couldnt believe it!! Both the boys absolutely SCREAMED blue murder!! Not this trouper! What a big brave girl!! Here are some photos of her having the injection and then, literally, seconds afterwards with NO TEARS!!! Smiles even!!

And a random.....nice photography Daddy!!

That night, Daddy and Lachie went "camping" in the backyard. They had great fun, toasting marshmellows, giggling like little girls :-D funny times.


  1. great photos...looks like you guys have had a blast lately!!

  2. Oh thats me LOL, she is such a gorgeous wee possum can't wait for more cuddles.
    Looks like the boys had lots of fun, will catch up after we get back from Napier

  3. Great photo's Ang! Just goes to show you, girls are so much tougher than boys! My brother was always terrified of needles too.