Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gosh has it been *that* long??

I cant believe it! It seemed like the novelty of the blog wore off real quick but really, in all honesty, I was just a little bit miffed with the whole photo thing! With only having dial-up it was taking SOOOOOO looooooooong to resize the photos I wanted to put on here that I conceded defeat! So now I take special photos on Rays small camera and Im a bit happier.

So, Im doing ok in my UYS challenge to myself... I have done 2 LOs and made a card and didnt buy ANYTHING to do them!! Not flash LOs but done nonetheless. The first LO is of Lachies kindy xmas party. Santa had just been to visit and the boys are opening their gifts. Lachie got a ship-shaped paint set and Cam got a red ball. The second LO is the first in Islas album...Im sure I have already done a LO with her on it but do you think I can find it?? Must do that!!
Then there is a card I made for little Miss Danika for her first birthday. Not bad for a slap-up job about an hour before the party started! Wasnt going to make a card but then remembered my stash clallenge and saved a heap of money making it!! And it doesnt look too bad, if I do say so myself! LOL

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