Sunday, January 4, 2009

One word

OK, so in the tradition of Ali Edwards one word for the year, would it be cheating if I have more than one word?? I need one for my personal/home life (DECLUTTER) and one for my scrapbooking life (NO NEW, MAKE DO) !! I should take before and after photos of my house to show the process but I am completely embarrassed about the "before" state of my place! Im hoping that wont take all year to achieve but it really will be a huge job!!!
As for scrapping....I have to complete AT LEAST 30 pages before I am allowed to purchase any new supplies! That is going to be a challenge cos I DO like to scrap shop!! But, honestly, I have enough supplies to last probably 100 pages and STILL not run out!! So that is me. I must go scrap but before I do I just need to pop to the shop to get that great paper I saw for my mini album............LOL, just starts NOW!!!!


  1. LOL... you're funny! I got through a heap of old stuff last year, really pleased with myself! And if you're not going to use it ever... pass it on to someone who will, then at least it's being used... and helps reduce the stash so you can shop!!

  2. maybe you should make up page packs! you would be suprised with what you have and how fast you use it! I did a personal challenge last year of 20 LO's and that went really quick!
    Maybe look at some sketches on Page Map and just go for it! you will have the 30 pages done in no time! :) Guess what 2 post already!!!! :)