Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy 7th wedding anniversary my darling Ray. Yep, its that time again and too boot....Our big boy started school today!!! I couldnt have been more proud of him!! But I really cant believe how quickly the last 5 years have passed!!!He looks so handsome in his school uniform, with his Lightening McQueen backpack on his back and his little camoflage lunchbox/chilly bag thingy. Here, let me show you.....

Doesnt he just look TOO little to be going to big school??!! He called into kindy on the way home to show the teachers how handsome he looked in his school uniform and they informed me it wont be too long before Cam starts at afternoon kindy!! (between 6 and 8 weeks) Gosh, what will I do with myself when I only have Isla at home for three afternoons a week and the boys gone?? Might actually get some scrapping done??!! Or it could be nice girly time!!

Yesterday we had his "Going to school" birthday party. It was so much fun. We hired a bouncy castle, played "Pass the parcel" (and yes, although every child got a prize - there was a WINNER!!) and we had a Lightening McQueen pinata. That was HILARIOUS!! Should have seen the kiddies with it. But boy can those little kids whack a stick round!! Even blindfolded!! Lachie got completely spoilt and got some REALLY cool gifts....the skateboard,Ben 10 and Hot Wheels were definately the winners on the day!

And the countdown is on till Scrap Camp....only 8 weeks to go and I have to have done my 21 LOs to use my stash by then!! I have made two cards this weekend but not done any LOs. I am all inspired at the moment to do a First day of School one. Wonder how long that will last??LOL
Righto, better get going to bed...its after midnight and I got to go to the horrible dentist tomorrow and get him to sort out my sore tooth. Its been sore for ages....since before we went to the States but Ive been putting it off until now...when it feels like my jaw is on fire and I cant sleep!! Yikes...wonder how much he will charge? Oh man, I dont even want to think about it!!!!
Good night......


  1. Too cute Ange. Isn't it sad that they have to grow up?

  2. Hey Ange, you've been photo-tagged! Check out my blog for details.