Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Gosh, has it been a week already since I last posted?? I cant believe how quickly time is going!! Ok, so I got tagged again....but since I already did the 6th photo in the 6th folder, this time I think I might do......the 10th photo in the 10th folder....hmmmmm, lets see where this takes us?.....Phew!! Thank goodness for that!! Its not a totally humiliating photo!! This is us waiting at LAX for our flight home in July 2008. Lachie is incredibly sunburnt from a day in the pool (while I was packing our bags) with NO SUNCREAM ON!! I just didnt even think about it because I had a list in my mind of everything I had to do and obviously Ray didnt think about it either!! Dont remember where Cam was, he wasnt with me and he wasnt swimming so didnt get burnt. See Isla tucked away in my belly there!! (There you go Louise.....one of our trip photos!!!!! LOL)
Heaps happening at the moment but not really anything terribly exciting.
Lachie started back at his triathlons last Monday and really enjoyed it this year. He has been doing them for the last two summers (since he just turned three) but this time he got into it. He was so cute.....he had finished and was standing in line to get his certificate, yoghurt, banana and juice and he says to me "Mummy, did you see me? I went really fast ay" AAAWWW Gorgeous!!
On Tuesday was Poppa Jac's first birthday. Happy birthday, little man! We had been to his party at the park on the Sunday so no celebrations that day. It would also have been Nana's 92nd birthday and it was the anniversary of the day I found out I was preggy with Isla!! Gosh, what a day!
On the Wednesday, Lachie had his first cricket training session. I didnt go, (cant remember why....oh I know....Mum and Dad were coming round for roast lamb for dinner and cricket was at 5.30 so I needed to stay and cook tea!) but Ray got Mum to take some photos and they didnt turn out too bad.....Oh, they must be still on my camera...havent downloaded them yet. Well, next time I will put the cricket photos on. He didnt have triathlon this week cos it was raining but he is off to cricket tomorrow and Ray is working, so, looks like Cam and Isla are doing to their first cricket training too!!! Will take my big lens and get some real closeup photos.
Black Friday saw Ray and I going out for dinner WITHOUT children!! What a treat!! We went to Pompeii Pizza for Kates 40th. Man....it was so scrummy! Expensive (and couldnt afford to go there again in a hurry) but scrummy!!!
Valentines Day is a no-go-zone in our house. I sound like such a killjoy jut it is such a waste of money!! I love Ray and he loves me so why do we need to prove that we love each other on that particular day, when we can prove it any other day!?? Bah, humbug ay!
Then yesterday (16th) was my daddys birthday! Happy Birthday to you, Pa! The big "Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when Im" 64.WOW!! I cant believe it!! It sounds quite old yet he seems so young!
Lachie is getting better at going to school. He only asked me 6 times this morning why I had to leave him at school and go home! He is doing REALLY well with his reading and it seems like he has been at it for more than only one week! Im so proud of him!
And the kindy teachers said to me today that Cam could start kindy in the middle of March. I told them I dont mind waiting till after the school holidays (after Anzac Day) cos I cant really see the point in him going for a few weeks then having a few weeks off. Then again, it could be good....by the end of the term he might need a break. He is such a little weenie...he is far too little to go to kindy!!
Isla is four months old today and today she giggled!!! She is such a gorgeous wee princess, we all just love her sooooo much!!
I hope I still say that when she comes home at 16 and tells me she is pregnant....like just happened to one of my high school friends!!!! A grandmother at 36!!!! Can you believe it!!?? Oh dear oh dear....what is this world coming to???
Scrapping wise, Im doing a bit lately. Lots of card making, but they dont get to stay in my box very long before they are needed!!! :-( Have done 15 of my 30 UYS and am working on another two!! YAY!!!
Well, my friends. It is way past my bed time...Cam and Isla are both sick (Isla chest cough and Cam, I think might have tonsillitis? Might have to get to Drs tomorrow) and although Isla is sleeping fine, Cam is quite unsettled. Having said that, the past few nights, once Im asleep there is no waking me! Sleeping like a baby, as it were!! LOL
Night night my friends and thanks for stopping by!

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