Monday, July 6, 2009


Whats that you say??.........Its been HOW LONG since I last posted????.....................Thanks to the friends that have given me a gentle little push back in the right direction. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, cant say Im gonna be any better at keeping up with this, now that that darn Facebook has come back into my life! Silly quizes!!!
Anyways, so much has been happening around here lately. Ive been on a mad scrapping binge (including an overnight crop which I got home from at 4am!!), Cam had his third birthday, Lachie has been playing rugby, Ray and I have taken up learning to play the bagpipes, we have had Uncle Bully (Rays brother Darren) staying with us while he gets his life back on track. And now it is the school holidays.....groan! Will endeavour to keep you informed with regular updates, but probably wouldnt suggest you hold your breath.............

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